Sensifill Fibre

Sensifill fibre is one of the latest pillow filling sensations on the market. It is specially designed for those who are sensitive to allergens, which makes it ideal for a number of people.

It has quickly become popular with children and adults who suffer from asthma due to its hypoallergenic properties. In fact, this fibre has won an award as the first polyester fibre to be certified as asthma and allergy friendly by the Body Allergy Standards.


What features can you expect from Sensifill?

The Sensifill fibre has distinctive fibre finishes, which have been expertly designed to the highest of standards. The individual fibres are hollow, which provides an airy soft feeling. This offers excellent support to the head as it sinks to the right level.

The fibres are also durable, which means that the filling is cost-effective. The fibre used is from recycled materials as well, so it is sustainable as well as environmentally friendly.


The benefits of Sensifill fibre

Sensifill Fibre is made from polyester and thus does not contain any allergens or irritants as we’ve explored, but what’s most impressive is that it has received such high acclaim from independent bodies.

Due to the design used to make the fibres, there is no risk of clumping. The contents do not shift inside the pillow, which means it will hold shape no matter how frequently it is used. The fibres spring back into position after you lift your head. Therefore, the pillow will continue to be soft and fluffy even after years of use. 

The hollow fibres also make the pillow light and comfortable, which means you can adjust it easily if you are using it to sleep on. In addition, this keeps the pillow well aerated and prevents it from storing smells. It also means that the filling dries faster when washed, which is another benefit.