What is a Pregnancy Pillow?

Also known as a maternity pillow, a pregnancy pillow is specifically designed to provide support to your body during this special time in your life.

Why do I need one?

While a regular one will offer some support and much needed relief, you will not be as comfortable as you could be. You will find that it does not conform to your new shape correctly and does not offer adequate support. They also have a nasty habit of sliding around your bed as you move around in your sleep.

Pregnancy pillows are a cost-efficient and simple way of assuring a few more zzz's during and after these nine months. It is the gift of a healthier and more comfortable sleep during this special time and long afterwards. You'd be surprised with the number of families that use theirs long after they are done having babies!

When should I buy one?

The best time is in the 6th - 7th month of your pregnancy. The earlier you use our ergonomic products, the earlier your tummy and legs will benefit from its great support and you'll be able to relax. This in turn means you'll get some much needed restful sleep!

How big should my pillow be?

When choosing yours, it is important that you consider its size. Take into consideration the size of this vs. the size of your bed. The larger your bed, the bigger the pillow you can fit between you and your partner.

If you have discomfort or aches in just one or two areas, consider a smaller one that will address the problem, such as a V-shape to go behind your back or a nursing pillow under your belly or between your knees.

If you have general aches and pains or if you have difficulty falling/staying asleep due to discomfort, the L-shaped or U-shaped may be the most useful for resolving the problem.

Do our products have a removable & washable cover?

We know that life gets messy so all our pillows come with a free removable and machine-washable case.

The Classic style has a light and breathable Polycotton pillowcase, perfect for when hormones result in sweaty nights. Whereas our Original and Premium styles come with our exclusive velvet-like Babysoft case; feeling is believing!

With a discreet zipper, all covers are removable and machine washable; ideal for life's little accidents.

What filling is used in the Classic and Original range?

SensiFil™ Filling: Anti-Allergenic, Anti-Asthmatic and Safe from Harmful Chemicals.

Did you know by 2016, it is predicted that 50% of people will suffer from at least one allergy*? Our U-Shape is filled with Sensifil fibre, which is specially designed for those who are sensitive to allergens. In fact, this fibre has won an award as the first polyester fibre to be certified as Asthma and Allergy Friendly by the certified body Allergy Standards.

sensifil anti-allergy pillow filling

The changes your body goes through during pregnancy can actually make you more sensitive to fibres and materials that previously had no effect on you. A hypoallergenic pregnancy pillow will allow you to sleep at night without triggering allergies. If you had breathing complications, asthma or allergy sensitivities prior to this then a hypoallergenic version is definitely a must.

Due to the design used to make the fibres, there is no risk of clumping. The contents do not shift inside, which means it will hold shape no matter how frequently it is used. The fibres spring back into position after you lift your head. Therefore, the pillow will continue to be soft and fluffy even after years of use. 

The hollow fibres also make it light and comfortable, which means you can adjust it easily if you are using it to sleep on. In addition, this keeps it well aerated and prevents it from storing smells. It also means that the filling dries faster when washed, which is another benefit.

What filling is used in the Premium range?

Fairybeads make a difference.

Our Premium range actually bend and conform into whatever shape you want. It is filled with thousands of tiny Fairybeads (micro beads) which makes for a more flexible, firmer and supportive filling. Unlike cheaper Styrofoam, our Fairybeads are incredibly lightweight allowing you to carry your pillow around quietly with ease.

Depending on the material inside, you may find that yours has a "new" smell. If this is the case, simply air the product out for a few days prior to use and the smell should disappear.

How to sleep with the L-shape?

sleeping with the l shape pillow

Unlike smaller variations, our L-Shape is designed to be hugged and cuddled. One way to sleep with this is to place your legs and arms around it with its centre supporting your bump.

How to sleep with the U-shape?

sleeping with the u shape pillow

Our U-Shape wraps around your body, resulting in a superior support. Not only does this body pillow hug your front, but also your back as well. If you find yourself awakening with a sore back every morning then the extra spinal support offered by this may just be what you need.

How to use the Nursing Pillow?

During Pregnancy

Simply place between your ankles or knees to help relieve the pressure points on your legs, or around your lumbar or cervical spine when sitting or resting.

using the nursing pillow

Feeding Time

Place snugly around your waist to gain support and relaxation to both you and baby during breast or bottle feeding. Rest your baby on it, or alternatively support mum's arms as she cradles baby.

As a Resting Pillow

Lay the baby down gently to allow her to rest comfortably; recommended once your baby can lift/support their own head and neck.

At Playtime

Sit baby into the arch and use as a support aid, or lay baby on her tummy to explore. Recommended once your baby can sit unaided.