Nursing Pillows

That Special Mother-Child Bond

Feeding your baby is such an amazing experience. Those moments when you are nourishing your little one will seamlessly strengthen that special mother-child bond. The physical contact will help your baby feel more secure and comforted, and you as a mother too.

The Challenges of Feeding Time

However, nursing your baby may not always be an easy task. Just keeping up with the physical demand of maintaining a certain posture or making sure your baby is in the correct feeding position for long periods of time, can prove to be a challenge at certain times. A challenge, by the way, you as a mother will definitely not want to fail at, since you want to give your infant the best care possible.

The Benefits of Nursing Pillows

For all these reasons, there are nursing pillows that will help you in this task, which will in fact help you in making sure this is a meaningful and enjoyable experience.

Feeding time should be a moment to enjoy and relax, for both of you. A nursing pillow will make your lives easier, helping in running things smoothly when breastfeeding or bottle feeding. The idea is to make those nourishing marathons a fly-by experience.

Benefits for Baby

Taking priorities into account, a mother will always think of her baby first. A nursing pillow will, for example, help the baby keep the correct position while being breastfed. A proper posture while being either breastfed or bottle fed, can reduce both digestive and reflux problems. It will give your little boy or girl the support that is needed, while at the same time providing the comfortable cushion such a delicate skin deserves.

Benefits for Mums

But mums also benefit from using a nursing pillow. As a mother, using this pillow will be a blessing in reducing muscle strain, particularly on your arms, wrists, shoulders, neck and back. That way, feeding does not need to be a tiring and painful experience.

The Award-Winning Snuggle Up Nursing Pillow

Our nursing pillow gives you all the aforementioned benefits and, of course, takes away all those named concerns. At the same time, we add some extra features which we believe you and your baby will enjoy. For instance, it helps your baby through the sitting period, helping with gaining the confidence your infant needs. Other additional benefits are available in our three options from our line of nursing pillow products.

First, we have the Classic Nursing Pillow. It has all the basics, with a cover made of a blend of cotton and polyester; very soft to the touch and easy to clean. As for the filling, it is completely safe from hazardous chemicals and, at the same time, it is anti-allergenic and anti-asthmatic as well as durable.

Then we have the Original Nursing Pillow. This variant has all the benefits of the Classic Nursing Pillow plus some special features. The outer fabric is even softer thanks to our BabySoft fabric, while still retaining its flexibility and stretchiness. This will help deliver a soothing experience for your baby.

Finally, there is the Premium Nursing Pillow. It includes all the great qualities found in the Original Nursing Pillow along with a special kind of filling. It greatly improves the comfort and support, without compromising durability, as if your baby were in a magical place. No wonder we call this filling Fairybeads.

Which of these is the right for you? It’s up to you to decide but whichever you choose, it is sure to give you years of comfort and support when and where you and your baby need it.

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