Maternity Pillows

Sleepless Nights During Maternity?

Knowing the difficulties Mum’s-to-be face in getting a good quality sleep and the importance of it, we have designed a range of maternity pillows that will help you and your baby during these challenging times.

Preparation is key to keeping healthy and minimising stress during maternity; such as special time in your life. What you eat, your work, your stress levels, your house chores, looking after your partner or other family members can leave you exhausted and you can’t wait to go to sleep.

Problems During Maternity

Although pregnancy is different for every mum-to-be and, most will have problems at night and achieving a good night’s sleep could seem a dream. Many things will be against you; tiredness, heartburn, frequent urination, body aches, and anxiety. Because these conditions are so diverse, so are the solutions. But one of the key solutions is comfort.

Sounds pretty easy, right? Well, not really. As your bump grows, you will see that finding a comfortable position when laying on your bed can be quite difficult. You may find yourself moving all around your bed, twisting from one side and the other, trying to find a decent spot where you could say “yes, right there, this way I can relax and finally fall asleep”.

L Shape Maternity Pillow

One of these is the L-Shape Pillow. Lay on your side, embrace this large cushion and you will find yourself in a new level of comfort. You will see that this gives you the support and cosiness you need to finally relax and get lost in your happy thoughts until you fall asleep. This piece of cloud for mothers is hypoallergenic, and comes in three different variations to suit your tastes: the Classic, the Original, and the Premium.

The Classic L-Shape Pillow comes with all the basics you need, with a comfortable filling that won’t lose its shape easily and a cover that is gentle to your skin while being durable and wash-friendly. As for the Original L-Shape, it has an improved softness to the outer fabric you won’t want to let go once your skin comes in contact with it. And the Premium L-Shape has all the perks of the Original plus an upgrade of the fluffiness and comfort of the filling that you won’t believe.

U Shaped Maternity Pillow

Additionally, we offer the U-Shape Pillow. This will hug you in a way nothing else will ever do: it supports from your feet up to your bump, breasts, head and then continues behind your neck, back, legs and all the way down to your feet again. A single piece that embraces you from toe to head to toe.

You can find the U-Shape Pillow in three different forms. First, you have the Classic which has some key elements; a soft yet durable polycotton cover and a comfortable filling. Then, you have the Original, with an even softer outer fabric, which will boost your comfort and help you rest. Thirdly, there’s the Premium version, with the amazingly soft cover and an incredible filling that is so relaxing, it feels like a cloud is hugging you all around you and will take you to sleep heaven.

We are sure that either of the above two maternity pillows will be of great help, so that both you and your baby get the night rest you both deserve for a new day and a safer arrival at birth time.

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