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Three Variations to Choose From

Classic l shape pillow
£30.00 15% Off
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With an Anti-Allergenic Filling

The Classic design is tailored in a white polycotton outer cover, which makes it both soft and durable. The polycotton fabric is also used for the inner fabric to give it the ability to retain warmth and ease of cleaning.

Original l shaped pregnancy pillow
£40.00 12% Off
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Includes a Free Removable Pillowcase

The ultra-soft fabric used for our Original L Shape takes snuggling to a new level thanks to its flexibility and softness. It's Inner Fabric is also scented with the aroma of lavender, to inspire the relaxation you deserve.

Premium l pillow
£45.00 10% Off
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Includes a Dreamy Fairy Beads Filling

Include all the advantages of the Original, the Premium L-Shape Pillow is also filled with a Fairy Beads Filling that allows it to adapt into the contours of your body. Providing you a high level of comfort and support, it's lightweight will feel like you're sleeping upon clouds.

Awards won including Made for Mums Award

Luxurious Comfort Comes in an L-Shape

Are You Struggling to Sleep on Your Side?

Even though people have different sleeping position preferences, for many pregnant women, the only position they can possibly sleep in would be on their side.

We know how exhausting things are for pregnant women, some of us here have been there. So we came to the rescue with our L-Shaped pillow. It is specifically designed to alleviate the pressure of sleeping on your side in addition to supporting your back while sitting to relieve stress on your back.

Supports mums and babies during pregnancy

Is Your Bundle of Joy Already Here?

Hold On To That Pillow!

There are a number of ways you can still use our L-Shape even after you give birth. Of course, you can still use it as your favourite sleep-time support system as you did during your pregnancy days. Nonetheless, this pillow helps you support the baby correctly while breast or bottle feeding by getting her in the perfect position without compromising your own posture.