Fairy Beads Filling

Fairy Beads are without a doubt one of the finest, most exclusive fillings available on the market. These tiny beads have so many benefits – the main one is that they are durable so the filling stays the same for a long long while!


Fairy Beads – the design

Fairy Beads are formed from polystyrene, and have smaller bead size (1.5 - 2 mms) than standard beads, so they are more suitable for loose-fill protective packaging.

Think of these beads as extra small pellets that are manufactured to be perfectly uniform. When used to fill a pillow, they gently slide against one another to provide the perfect amount of support depending on the shape of the body part on the beads, which is one of the reasons the fairy bead filling is used in many therapy pillows.


Fairy Beads – the endless list of benefits

One of the best things about fairy beads is that they are budget-friendly and non allergenic. However, they are also much ‘fluffier’ than the standard Polyeste fibers that are more commonly used in the stuffing of pillows.

Pillows made with “Fairy Beads” can last for a long while as their three-dimensional fibre clusters hold their shape for neck, head, and shoulder support. As this is a synthetic material, these fillings are free of allergens and odours, and they will bounce back after being used.

In our view, there may not be a better type of filling than our Fairy Beads!



  • Easily moulds to body shape
  • Resists compression
  • Durable
  • Anti-allergenic and hypoallergenic
  • Feels like it should be heavy, but is actually very light
  • Complies with required Fire and Safety Regulations