Conjugate Hollowfibre

Inherently soft, the Conjugate Hollowfibre filling is a luxurious pillow stuffing with a fantastic bounce. In fact, it continues to spring back into position for the life of the filling.

The filling is made up of conjugate polyester fibres, which are turned to provide more bounce, durability and ultimately, a longer life. As a result, this fibre has a powerful loft factor.


A filling designed to the highest of standards

The Conjugate Hollowfibre has been formed in a modern technological laboratory to ensure that the significantly effective materials conform to the global standards. The fibre is remarkably dependable because it has been formed from the direction of qualified specialists who have a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. It has been properly screened to meet high quality control standards, as you would expect.

Due to the unique anti-wrinkle composition and higher emptiness, product stuffed with Conjugate Hollowfibre display superior volume despite having 15% to 20% less filling than others. This is what makes these pillows a lot more durable and lighter.


The science behind the Hollowfibre

The co-extrusion of two distinct polymers generates a bi-component fabric, which incorporates the attributes of each material, resulting in the delivery of efficiency qualities. The difference on the cooling structure of extruded polymers offers a springy characteristic and a three-dimensional look when being observed from close range.

The springy characteristic of the fibre means that the filling resists compression that is unfortunately all too common in other fillings. Studies have also proven that the fibres used here provide a higher amount of comfort, which is one of the main reasons this filling is so popular.



  • High quality design
  • Lightweight Clean
  • Odourless
  • Durable
  • Non allergenic – which makes it ideal for those who suffer from various allergies
  • Complies to required British Fire and Safety Regulations