New and absolutely exclusive to PregnancyPillow, a fabric which has the lovely, soft and relaxing aroma of Lavender.

Through a long and highly technical procedure, which are the only company in the UK to use, the lavender fragrance is attached to the fabric. As it is a unique and patented process we cannot discuss in more detail but we promise, smelling is believing!

Aroma coated fabrics really offer something different to every other type of fabric available on the market today. As one of the best alternative medicinal treatments over the years, aromatherapy is amazingly popular. Therefore, the designers have combined high-quality pillow filling with this industry to create the aroma-coated fabric.


Aroma coated fabrics – offering comfort in abundance

Aroma coated fabrics can be used in a manner similar to aromatherapy. These fabrics are available in different aromas, and as such, can provide high levels of relaxation.

However, the benefits do not end there. The aroma coated fabric on offer is soft, relaxing and designed in the UK to the highest of standards.

As mentioned, these fabrics are produced in the UK by British companies using a special patent, which ‘attaches’ the fragrance to the fabric. The process makes the fabric durable, safe and maybe most importantly long lasting.

Lavender is one of the most used scents in the world as it has proven relaxation benefits. Therefore, when you combine this scent with a comfortable pillow filling you have a winning combination.

Lavender has been proven to be a relaxant, but it is also refreshing, which is one of the reasons it is used in washing up liquids. Another reason why we have selected lavender is because of its anti-inflammatory properties.


Why would I want to use Aroma coated fabrics?

Lavender is a herb that has been used since ancient times. You may have heard that breathing in the smell of lavender makes you drowsy; turns out, it's true. Research shows the Lavender aroma lowers heart rate and blood pressure, putting you in a relaxed state. Recent studies indicated that lavender fragrance could alleviate premenstrual emotional symptoms, and ultimately, support the mind and body health of women.

For us, one of the biggest benefits of this pillow fabric is that it does not lose its aroma, even after it has been washed several times. This is thanks to the special patent that is used.