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One of the support pillows currently taking the market by storm is the angel wing support pillow. There have been a number of tests carried out on this particular pillows effectiveness. All the results have shown various, undisputable benefits, which is the main reason it has become so popular.

In this short description, we will explore more about the products and its benefits.


The main benefits of the pillow

This pillow (much like an angel wing) is split into three different sections (the two wings and the body). This design has been proven to offer additional lumbar and side support.

The three main benefits of this pillow are:

  1. It supports your back and side
  2. It offers lateral support
  3. It makes sleeping on your side easier if you have back or muscle pain

However, use of the pillow is not just limited to the bed with many people using it all around the home. It is also ideal for use when sitting down on a sofa that does not offer a lot of support.

One of the main reasons this pillow is popular is because it is very well padded, which makes it more comfortable than others on the market. With support pillows, comfort is everything, but finding the right balance is important, the Angel Wing Support Pillow has the balance right.

Made with a blend of polyester and cotton, the pillow manages to maintain its shape even if it is washed. This means that the pillow can be used for a long time, but it will continue to deliver the same results it did at the very start. This longevity makes this item so cost-effective.



  • Measures 80 x 80 cm Approximately
  • Machine Washable
  • Pillowcase Available in a number of Colours & Fabrics