Classic U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

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  • Polycotton outer cover (Availabe in 3 colours)
  • Helps you to sleep in the optimal position during pregnancy
  • Supports your body to ease aches and pains
  • Polycotton Inner cover
  • Size: 160 x 50 x 20 cm (approximately)

Polycotton Outer Cover

Soft, Crisp & Highly Durable

The Classic Pillow comes with a crisp polycotton outer cover, available in 3 colours. The cotton in the blend allows the fabric to breathe and remain soft, while the polyester helps keep it clean and fresh. polycotton outer case

Polycotton Inner Cover

Remains Clean & Retains Warmth

The included polycotton inner filling makes this pillow doubly durable and easy to keep clean.

polycotton inner fabric
Made for Mums Award Winner
Support you during pregnancy
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