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delightful foods for mums to try this Christmas

Foods that Play Perfectly Together

From cheese and crackers to cookies and cream; some foods when paired up are the Jay-Z and Beyoncé of the cooking world. Other food pairs go further by providing an enhanced synergy of nutrition, thereby providing mum with great taste and health benefits for baby as well. Why not try some this Christmas season?

Dark Chocolate & Strawberries

If you thought this was a match made in food heaven, you’d be glad to know that experts in a University study have proven that it is just that. The results showed that when fused together, strawberries and dark chocolate provide a boost of antioxidants that exceeded the number of antioxidants in the individual foods.

strawberries and dark chocolate

You can now feel that much less guilty when dipping your strawberries in dark chocolate this Christmas, and you have the perfect reason to give inquisitive family members. Just remember to buy a chocolate that has a cocoa content of 70% or higher; the research showed that it was at this level and above that there was a significant boost of antioxidants.

Lentils & Red Bell Pepper

When you’re expecting, your body needs almost double the amount of iron you needed before to provide the extra blood for baby. So, it’s worth the effort to top up your diet with iron-rich foods. Yes, a slice of turkey would be the obvious choice, but something a little more stomach-friendly like lentils might just be perfect to counteract the festive (over)eating.

Unfortunately, the iron in lentils is harder to absorb, but infuse this with vitamin C and voila, your body can get all the good stuff out of it. The best way to do this is to pair the lentils up with vegetables and fruit such as red peppers or berries.

Yogurt & Raspberries

When you find yourself eyeing up the double-chocolate black forest gateau or the dissipating box of Ferrero Rocher, try a couple of spoonful’s of this wholesome pair. While yogurt embodies healthy bacteria commonly known as probiotics, the raspberries provide the probiotics with the fibre they need to thrive once in your system.

So when you see family members reaching for the Rennies, you can reach for the remote, sit back and relax. And if you can’t find that perfect position to relax, try one of our full body pregnancy pillows; discover both food and comfort heaven this Christmas.


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