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As spring gives way to summer, our excitement may be dulled by the thought of uncontrollable sneezing (in the most awkward situations), itchy eyes and extreme drowsiness. Yes it’s that time of year; contemplating which of your hey fever symptoms will affect you most this summer.

Hey fever is normally taken too lightly by the lucky ones who don’t suffer from it, but being pregnant in the summer can be doubly difficult. Here’s some advice on managing your symptoms during this special time in your life.

Controlling your symptoms through medication?

In previous years, you may have resorted to taking antihistamines to keep symptoms at bay, but now you’ll be worried it may affect your pregnancy. Medicines work differently for all of us so it is vital that you to talk with your GP before taking any medicines this year. They’ll guide you on the right course of action to make sure you can enjoy being pregnant during the summer.

How about managing your hey fever naturally?

To manage your symptoms, minimising exposure to pollen can make a world of a difference.

Wearing sunglasses will put those itchy eyes at bay, whilst wearing a hat will stop pollen getting trapped in your hair and then spread over your house. So now you have a greater reason to look sleek and stylish this summer.

You may be inclined to crack open the windows in a hot flash, but pollen-count is at its highest in the morning and evening so it may be better to use a fan instead. Better still, this may be the perfect excuse to get your other-half to fan you, as you lay back and relax.

Keeping an eye out for pollen forecasts is also a good idea; plan your day accordingly so that when it’s high, kicking back with a nice cold drink and movie might be a better idea than a stroll in the park. To get even cosier, snuggle up to an anti-allergy pregnancy pillow whilst you drift away on a mid-summer afternoon’s nap.

All in all, as your body does funny things during pregnancy, your allergy symptoms will be affected. You may pick up new (although thankfully temporary) allergies, or your previous allergies might disappear. To comfort you, we hope one of our award-winning pregnancy pillows will bring you some relief during this special time.


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