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One of the biggest concerns of pregnant women is staying fit during that special time, before and after giving birth.

Drink enough water, increase your intake of fiber, vegetables and fruits in your daily diet .Junk carbs and sugar will increase extra weight and fluid gains during pregnancy.

To Be Pregnant, Doesn’t Mean to Give Up Your Active Lifestyle

Moreover, common complaints like sleep troubles and back pain can be eased with the right moves. Do regularly exercise; whether you train on a treadmill or on a track, you can safely tone up your muscles even by just walking. Most women can do it right up to the time of delivery. If you are just a beginner, try walking a mile, three days a week. Increase your speed and time, each week a little.

Do You Feel Too Tired to Exercise?

If you feel exhausted by the day’s end, try to start out earlier. Focus on doing it when you can, and what you can. Stretch, go for a stroll, or do pre-natal workout, in short routines.Do exercises to strengthen your upper and lower back; dancing can be very enjoyable.

Keep motivated by doing the exercises and activities that you love. If you hate swimming, don’t try and take it up, just because you heard it is good for women during pregnancy!

Practicing Yoga During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the best time to take up on yoga practice. The stretches are gentle, and can improve your flexibility and muscle tone, and is helpful to get relaxed. If you join a class, you will be meeting other mothers-to-be, as well.

Yoga is the best to strengthen the inner muscle tissue, helps you to relax and eases back pain. Labor will be shorter and easier too, as research shows. Join a prenatal class, which focuses on relaxation, it is gentler, and is a great preparation for labor. After the first trimester, avoid laying on your back and avoid Hot Yoga. Always check with a fitness expert before taking up any exercise or if something doesn’t feel right. Get enough rest; no athlete would train continuous for nine months, neither should you!

How Our Pregnancy Pillows Can Help

Remember that our body improves and adapts while we are sleeping and recovering. This is where our pillows can help. The pregnancy sleep pillow divides opinion, when it comes to the list to buy of essentials. The pregnancy shopping list, for some, is so long, that a specially-made one may feel like a luxury.

But many of our customers find that these can be a lifesaver, especially when it comes to being comfortable at night, and being able to get a few good hours sleep. Some of our pillows are now multi-functional, serving as supports for your baby, even when nursing or breast feeding aid.

The L-shape, provides comfort and ergonomic support to reduce head, neck, and back strain, whether you use it as a bed lounger when sitting up or while you sleep. It is the ideal sleep support for struggling mums that suffer trying to sleep on their side, and have persistent back pain. As the pillow offers support when bottle feeding baby or breastfeeding, its uses can be extended throughout pregnancy into motherhood.

The pillow shaped as a U is designed to be straddled. Since this shape offers good support for both sides, this U-shaped pillow is suitable for those people that enjoy sleeping on their back, but can’t do it anymore, due to their larger belly.

People that sleep on their backs are a unique breed that find it almost unbearable, when forced to sleep on their side, and sadly for them, pregnancy means that they will be unable to continue sleeping in that way, past the first trimester. To combat this, Back sleepers should look for, a pillow that pushes against their back; both the U shape and L shape can be used for this.


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