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Maternity footwear for Autumn

Ladies, Autumn is upon us. Not that we’ve had much of a summer this year but alas we will soon be subject to spontaneous showers, slippery pavements and biting cold. Staying at home and cuddling up in your full body maternity pillow would be perfect. But it’s essential that you are prepared to go about your day unaffected in comfortable and safe footwear that will provide you with the support you need when pregnant. .

This blog post will aim to share with you some sensible yet trendy footwear options that you can choose from to ensure that you have the appropriate protection and look fabulous at the same time.

Wrap Boots

Wrap boots are quite a phenomenon to the pregnancy market because they change and adapt just like your bodies do.

The theory behind the product is that once the sole is fitted to the foot, the wearer can wrap the boot according to their comfort and support needs – if you’re legs are feeling or looking swollen then you can wrap them gently leaving adequate room with the boot wrap material provided. Similarly if your legs are aching, you can wrap your legs firmly for muscle support./p>

It’s a great footwear option for expectant mums who are always on the go and are walking around considerably in the outdoors. The wrap boot is available in mid-leg and knee styles; go for your preferred choice and enjoy the specialised comfort. You deserve it.


I know what you’re thinking. Although brogues are typically more popular as a gent’s shoe, the design of the brogue (and leather brogues in particular) allows ultimate comfort and protection from soggy socks and feet if a heavy shower or an invisible puddle catches you.

Slip-on brogues are more convenient to avoid fighting with laces however the brogue will enable you to go for hours without feeling the familiar foot ache that begins to emerge at the end of the day. A great solution to an eternal problem.

Jelly Flats

The jelly flats are more suitable for home wear, particularly on tiled or wooden flooring.

Where they allow a good grip on potentially tricky surfaces, the malleable nature of the jelly will allow the shoe to mould to your foot therefore allowing space for any unexpected swelling. Its soft texture will make it feel as if you’re walking on trifle kisses; more importantly, they come in a wonderful array of cheerful colours and, and, some even have glitter sparking through their convenient splendour. An affordable and useful buy, they are a definite must-have for all expectant mums as casual footwear.

The Wedged Court Shoe

The best thing about the court shoe is that you can slip them on and off with 0% effort and struggle; without the need to bend down and adjust the shoe to your foot. They look equally fabulous if worn with cotton socks or stockings for added comfort and cushion and are made of a variety of materials and patents.

The wedge however is specifically recommended as it allows equal weight distribution to avoid sore pressure points on the soles of your feet and improves balance when walking, especially on good old English cobbled roads or uneven pavements – safety is key.

So there it is ladies, four affordable and popular footwear choices for expectant mothers in crisp and cold weather.

Being pregnant needn’t be a safety hazard in the autumn and winter seasons. However the choices that you make are important to ensure you remain safe, content and worry-free during Britain’s unapologetic weather conditions.


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