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pregnancy cravings confessions

Pregnancy is a wonderful and unique experience for every expectant mum. It can be enjoyable yet difficult, and sometimes it can trigger some very strange changes in the body – even more so the development of some amusing cravings.

So we spoke to a whole bunch of wonderful mums-to-be, selected from our customers, to reveal what their saving grace is during those difficult and TLC-needed moments.  We’ve shared the ones we liked best here, as told in their very own words.

Marmite Straight From the Jar

Chloe, 35, Nurse, 5 months pregnant with her third child

“When I had my first two children, I didn’t really have any specific cravings, there was nothing that really stood out to me that I could say was a pregnancy craving. But this time, I just love eating a spoonful of Marmite! I have a jar on my coffee table at home and on my desk at work. It’s a little crazy.”


Anisa, 28, Accountant, 8 months pregnant with her first child

“My mum bought me a whole basket of fruit one day, early on in my pregnancy to start me on eating more fruit. She bought me every kind of fruit I could think of, some I had never even seen before! And so my love affair with papayas began...

papaya pregnancy cravings

Papayas can be grown all year round but they are the ripest in the summer. I used to eat around six a day then, whether that was in a juice, chopped up in a salad or just straight out of the bowl. I don’t eat as much now but they are great for digestion and for the skin.”

Ice Lollies

Olivia, 24, Teacher, 7 months pregnant with her first child

“I remember coming home one day from work and just craving an ice lolly. There were none in the fridge so I told my partner to pick up a box on the way home. Funnily enough, he brought me a box of milk ice lollies that I used to love having as a child, and I’ve been hooked ever since...

Sometimes I just sit in the bath, light some candles and enjoy a whole box, or when I’m snuggled up in bed with my I-shaped pregnancy pillow – a pregnant woman’s heaven right there.”

What Causes Cravings?

Hormonal changes are often shown to be the cause of cravings, which can alter the nutrition requirements the body needs and its fitness. Although this has some amusing effects such as cravings, it can also be the cause of muscle pain and restlessness. You can find complete relaxation in a pregnancy pillow; offering full body support and comfort, your pregnancy pillow might just become your new craving.


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