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We're delighted to announce that our Original U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow has won the Gold Award by BizzieBaby, their top accolade.  With Bizziebaby Awards, our products are tested by real parents.  They test the product for over a month then review the product.  PregnancyPillows received a perfect 5* score. Shop now or scroll down to read the reviews from real parents.


Product Tested By Nicola White

Nicola Awarded The Original U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow 5/5

  • It is very large and arrived in a huge parcel! The packaging was excellent, the product arrived in good condition and yet there was not much packaging to dispose of. The information that came with the product was informative and concise.
  • The pillow is excellent quality. The foam is firm enough to give support but soft enough to be comfortable. The fabric that is used for the cover is very soft and feels very expensive.
  • Definitely relieved pressure. Since using the pillow my pelvic pain has improved and almost disappeared. It has also improved the heartburn I use to suffer with at night because of the position it supports me in.
  • Yes definitely alleviated aches and pain. It is very supportive but not restrictive at all. The U shape allows me to still turn from side to side without having to worry about moving the pillow’s position.
  • This certainly helped me sleep better. Quite frequently now I wake up having not woken at all in the night as I previously used to.
  • I think for the amount of pillow you get and the quality of it that it is worth every penny and more! If I had to return it, I would definitely buy one. I have already recommended it to several of my friends who are also pregnant.
  • This product has improved my sleeping pattern dramatically as it has almost eliminated all the pelvic pains and heartburn I suffered from previously at night. I find the pillow very supportive and comfortable and the fabric cover is very soft. It is a very large good quality product and I think the price is very reasonable. I would recommend it to any pregnant woman! Nicola White



Product Tested By Sidra Shakir

Sidra Awarded The Original U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow 5/5

  • This arrived well packaged and looked good quality and was keen to try out. Instructions very clear and easy to follow. The quality of this pillow is excellent.
  • While using this it certainly helped relieve pressure. It also helped relieve aches and pains and was so comfortable. Using this did help me sleep much better at night.
  • Excellent value for money. I would purchase and highly recommend.  
  • An excellent product, I don’t know how I got through my other pregnancies without it! My only concern is storage when I am not using it! Other than that no negatives. Sidra Shakir



Product Tested By Lisa Lloyd

Lisa Awarded The Original U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow 4.6/5

  • Happy with the product. Very large and comfortable to use during the night. Came packed as small as it could considering the size. Great instructions. Shown me different ways to use the pillow.
  • The quality was great. Very soft fabric and comfortable. Found it a lot easier to get comfortable in bed without using a normal pillow between my knees which would normally just end up on the floor. My hips weren't as achy in a morning while using the pillow.
  • This certainly helped me sleep better at night. I wasn't waking up as often to try and find a more comfortable position.
  • It does offer good value for money. I would consider purchasing. I have already recommended.
  • Using the pregnancy pillow was a pleasure. I did get a few complaints from the husband that it was taking room up in the bed but he got used to it in the end. The pillow was quite firm at first but after a few uses it started to soften up. I wasn't able to use the pillow during the hot weather at night as it was just too hot to use.
  • It has a wide variety of colours to choose from which I liked so I got to pick my favourite one. I will carry on using after I have had the baby as a support for the baby when he starts to learn to sit up too. Lisa Lloyd

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