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Tips for when pregnant in Autumn


Autumn is often labelled ‘the best season to be pregnant’. It’s when the weather finally begins to cool down and we’re relieved from the sweltering summer days. However, being pregnant during Autumn can also pose its challenges. Below, we have 5 amazing tips for you so that you can make the most of your pregnancy this Autumn!

Dress in warm Layers

Due to frequently changing temperatures, Autumn can be the most challenging time to dress you and your bump.

Note that the cold weather can be dangerous for your baby’s health, so purchasing a wool maternity coat to keep you warm is a very sensible investment. It’s also a great idea to buy a few roomy sweaters and cosy cardigans.

Being comfortable while you’re out in the cold is also key so purchasing some form-fitting leggings and flat boots is a great idea. As mornings can be quite chilly, you’ll also need a ‘go to’ sweatshirt you can easily slip on in the morning.

Have a Healthy Diet

During the cold months when pregnant women suffer from vitamin deficiency, having a healthy and balanced diet is vital.

Ensure that you’re eating the right foods to supply your body with the correct minerals and vitamins. Consulting your doctor about your diet is a good idea. Note that Autumn is also the perfect time to take advantage of the farmers’ markets where you can get fresh fruits and veggies which will give your baby the necessary nutrients it needs.

Get Active

During the cold weather, we find ourselves to be indoors more. As perfect as snuggling up in a pregnancy pillow is, don’t let the weather stop you from going out and taking part in all the fun activities you could be enjoying. Autumn marks the new season of apples and Apple picking is a great family activity that everyone can be a part of. It’s also a good idea to take those apples home and cook a warm apple pie for dinner which will warm you right up.


Go for a walk

Autumn weather is also the perfect weather for going out for a walk as the weather beings to cool down. Getting regular exercise is absolutely essential for you and your baby during your pregnancy and going for a brisk walk will get your heart rate pumping. Don’t forget to take a bottle of water with you to keep hydrated. Also, remember that something as simple as going for a walk can work wonders if you’re feeling restless. Go out and enjoy the crisp, fresh air, ladies.

Get Creative

Being pregnant can sometimes prevent you from doing some of the activities you used to enjoy while you were bump-free. However, Autumn is the best time to get creative. With the changing colours of leaves, it is the perfect time of year for a beautiful pregnancy photo shoot. My personal favourite part about it is Halloween as it’s the perfect excuse to creative and come up with a fun costume to dress up your bump.


Following these 5 essential tips will ensure you make the most of your pregnancy this season. Remember to enjoy every minute of your pregnancy and wrap up warm when you’re out and about! And for those rainy days, snuggle up to one of our maternity pillows.


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