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reducing back pain during pregnancy

Back pain is one of the most common problems which can be very uncomfortable for pregnant women, particularly later in pregnancy. We have five top tips to help you alleviate your back pain and be more comfortable.

Getting Exercise

Standing or sitting in one place for a long period of time may cause your back pain to worsen. Doing gentle exercises, such as walking or simple stretches will relieve some of the stiffness and pain in your back.

However, do not push yourself too hard while doing these exercises. Remember to listen to your body and take a break whenever you need to. If you’re thinking about joining an exercise class, look for classes which are tailored for pregnant women. Asking your doctor about some of the exercises that you can do to reduce back pain is also a good idea.

Perfecting Your Posture

Due to the new weight that you’re carrying in your front during pregnancy, your body’s centre of gravity is shifted. This puts more pressure on the lower spine. To take some this pressure off, focus on your posture and how you move around.

You can improve your posture by keeping your shoulders back and relaxed, ensuring you stand up straight and tall and not locking your knees. Additionally, while you are sitting, ensure you sit with your back straight in a comfortable chair with good back support.

It’s also important to avoid lifting heavy objects while you’re pregnant. However, if you’re lifting small objects, make sure you’re bending your knees.

Wearing the Right Gear

When you’ve got back pain, what’s on your feet can make all the difference. Say goodbye to the high heels and hello to flats! Unlike heels, flats will allow your weight to be evenly distributed. Ensure they have good arch support.

Supportive trainers are also ideal for when you’re pregnant. Shoes are not the only thing to consider when tackling back pain. Wearing the right size maternity bra could also make all the difference as takes the strain off your back and gives you that extra support that you need.

Acupuncture and Massages

If you want to alleviate back pain and don’t want to use pain medication, Acupuncture could be the answer. Many pregnant women claim that Acupuncture relieved their back pain significantly during their pregnancy. Acupuncture consists of the painless insertion of very thin needles in the skin which boost the body’s natural painkillers.

If you’re thinking about using this therapy, discuss it with your doctor beforehand. Moreover, although the effects are temporary, gentle back massages can also significantly reduce back pain. If you’re looking for some quick relief, dropping into a massage studio would be a great idea.

Sleeping Positions and Supportive Pillows

Back pain during pregnancy often interferes with sleep. Sleeping on your side instead of your back will also help alleviate some of the back pain you’re experiencing.

Research also indicates that using a pillow to support your abdomen can significantly reduce back pain. Our U shaped pillow can help alleviate your back pain by supporting both your back and front while encouraging you to sleep on your side. The pillow also eases discomfort and helps you get a great night’s sleep.

Finally, make sure you get all the rest you need, particularly later in pregnancy.

We hope these tips will help you manage your back pain and help alleviate some of the discomfort you might be feeling.


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