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Being a mother is something many women have dreamt about all their life. You see baby girls playing with their tiny dolls and you can feel the motherly feelings naturally present in each of them. What these young angels do not know is that becoming a mother has its costs and it begins with maternity stresses. Your appetite is changing, your dress size is changing, your body is growing bumps, and stretch marks are attacking your skin’s beauty.

Moreover, you have to face mood changes as your hormone levels go up and down like an elevator. Most women, including me, stay away from medicines as much as possible during pregnancy (especially during the first three months). However, there are some natural tips you can try that will make this period a less stressful one.

Nausea can start as early as six weeks of pregnancy. For many, morning sickness is the first sign of pregnancy. The bad news is that even though it is called morning sickness, it can strike you at any time of the day. How can you overcome this irritating sensation? Ginger is the answer to your call. Take sliced ginger pieces and add to it hot water. Drink a few sips in the morning or whenever you encounter nausea during the day. This is an old but effective Chinese treatment. It is not recommended to take more than 3g of raw ginger roots per day. Peppermint works in a similar way.

Like little girls, women like to dress up and look their best. Now that your size is changing fast, this is a challenge. It can even be one of the major causes of depression for pregnant women especially those who had always given special attention to their looks. Here is the solution:

  1. When you buy your maternity clothes, try as much as possible to choose items that can last you the whole nine months. Shirts that are wide and loose right under the bust and maternity jeans are very good examples. This will give you more items to wear during the later stages of pregnancy.
  2. Don’t wait until nothing fits you to go shopping. Having a wardrobe filled with clothes that do not fit you can be a frustrating thing. Make sure you have at least two outfits for the next stage.
  3. When picking clothes, choose dark colors. Black, navy blue, dark brown or charcoal can all create a slimming optical illusion, minimizing body bulk, and giving you an overall trimmer appearance. It is an old trick but it works.
  4. Dressing in one shade from to bottom will make you look longer and leaner. Wearing a different color top than you are wearing on the bottom will create a break in the figure making you not only look shorter but draw the attention to wear there is change of colors.
  5. When choosing clothes remember you want to look pregnant but not fat.
  6. Stretch marks! Don’t feel scared yet. This monster can be tamed with the newly discovered creams.
  7. Chocolate is a girl’s best friend. You are probably counting your calories and watching the scale. However, treat yourself with a dark chocolate every now and then to elevate your mood. A cube a day may not add much to your weight but can change your mood. If you are going for chocolate, choose dark chocolate.
  8. Your pregnancy period is not time off from the gym. Inform your personal trainer that you are pregnant and he will guide you to special exercises and yoga moves that are suitable for pregnant women. This is important because studies have shown that exercise will not only strengthen your muscles and keep you in good shape but it will also keep you in a good mood. The feeling you get after exercise can be described as “euphoric”. In fact, there is a scientific background for the euphoria you face. Thanks to the endorphins released by your body that do not only act as pain killers, and improve your mood , but also have a sedative effect, which means you will have a goodnight’s sleep too!

Whatever pain you are feeling or stress you are going through now, be sure that with one look into your child’s eyes and you will know it was worth it. We hope you found these tips useful.


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