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u shape pillow gets gold award


Snuggle Up received great news recently; our Original U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow has received the Gold Award (for the second year running) at the BizzieBaby Awards 2016! Based upon product quality and client satisfaction, we’re thrilled that our product has brought comfort to so many people over the last couple of years; it makes all our hard work worth it.

This multi-award winning pillow will help you assume the correct posture when laying on your bed and achieve the level of comfort a mother-to-be needs for sleeping well. The ergonomic design fixates on the contours your body to help you obtain the support you need for both front and back, cushioning head, bump, back, hips and legs at all at the same time. This instantly relieves the need of having to put multiple cushions all around you. It also encourages resting on your side, which specialists recommend for its benefits in blood and nutrient flow for the baby.

With this product, you can also start to say goodbye to the pains and discomforts associated with Fibromyalgia, Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction and Arthritis, as well as those typical upper and lower body pregnancy pains. Finally, the asthma and allergy friendly pillow filling will boost your relaxation alongside an ultra-soft outer fabric that feels very smooth and cosy to the touch.

Now you may be wondering, what are the BizzieBaby Awards? Well, in a nutshell, BizzieBaby is a large independent community of parents in the UK. They are real mums and dads who have assumed the task of testing and reviewing a wide range of products, specialising in baby and maternity ones. Their purpose is to have a practical and complete product guide, where people can check on product descriptions, manufacturer’s links, contact pages, comments and review, in order to help with making purchase decisions. All the information about the products comes directly from the website’s volunteers.

After trying the products, users report on their experience and assign a score. If the score and the reviews are outstanding, products may receive special recognition or awards. In the case of the U-Shape, Snuggle Up was granted the Gold Award. We consider such acknowledgment from an independent online community a great honor. Knowing that our dear customers are happy makes us so happy too.

Here are some of the comments made by members

"The quality of the pillow is lovely and it’s so soft on your skin. It’s nice and firm without being too hard or uncomfortable allowing you to get in a comfortable position. I think the concept of the pillow is excellent." (Daniella Loasby – Mia 3 Years and Baby Loasby due July 2016).

"I just used this pillow at night and it was a godsend. Loved the lavender scent which I know is known to help you sleep too." (Kimberley Saunders – Lilly 5 Years and Baby Due August 2016).

Looking for a nursing pillow instead? Well we’re pleased to announce that our Original Nursing Pillow also received the Bronze Award.


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